YOSION Machinery Committed to stable performance automatic pet bottle blowing machine production line since 1990s

What about the scale of Yosion Machinery?
Yosion Machinery is dedicated to semi automatic pet blowing machine research, sales and development, using a set of technicians, skilled employees, and assorted testing and processing equipment. Our clients have seen our firm's higher efficiency, higher quality and shorter delivery times. We operate with well-known brands in the business and we understand how to maximize production. We may give you better products and solutions.

With abundant experience in manufacturing manual bottle blowing machine, Yosion Machinery plans to be a world leader in this industry in the coming years. Yosion Machinery's main products include manual pet blowing machine series. Yosion Machinery high speed bottle blowing machine has been tested with regard to many aspects, including testing for contaminants and harmful substances, testing for material resistance to bacteria and fungi, and testing for VOC and formaldehyde emission. It can replace the preform holder fast within 5 minutes. Containing no heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, and mercury that can not biodegrade, it causes no pollution to the land and water. It is distinguished by its high speed and low compressed air consumption.

We do not tolerate unethical behavior by our associates anywhere, and we will take all necessary steps to ensure compliance with our Code of Conduct and all applicable laws.
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